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White Rice vs. Brown Rice: What’s The Difference

We hear this question a lot: what’s the difference between white rice and brown rice?

Let’s take a closer look at the two, and the benefits of each.

How Brown and White Rice are Harvested

Although it may sound like white and brown rice are two different grains, they are actually one and the same while growing on the plant. The difference between the two comes from the harvesting process. When rice is harvested, the grains are removed from the top of each plant. While white rice is stripped down to only the kernel before being packaged and sold, brown rice retains its darker outer layers – hence the name. The bran also gives brown rice its colour, a stiffer, chewier texture, and a more distinct flavour. This process is called parboiling.

Differences in Cooking Time

Since white rice is sold without the bran and germ – it is purely the inner kernel of the rice grain. Removing the bran leads to a much faster cooking time (brown rice typically takes longer than white rice to prepare). UNCLE BEN’S® parboiled long-grain white rice takes around 15-20 minutes to cook on the stovetop from start to finish. However, since UNCLE BEN’S® Wholegrain Brown Rice is also parboiled the cook time is decrease compared to non-parboiled Wholegrain Brown rice which can have cook times of up to 50 minutes!

Nutritious Differences

There are many benefits to making both white rice and brown rice part of your regular diet. Just like fruits and vegetables, rice is a natural food and the way that it is processed can significantly preserve the nutrient value, compared to regular white or brown rice.
All UNCLE BEN’S® white and wholegrain brown rice is parboiled. This means many nutrients found in the rice bran have been put back into the kernel, giving it a very high nutritional value, full of vitamins and minerals. This process helps retain as much as 80% of the natural B-complex vitamins—more than you’ll find in ordinary white rice.

While brown rice still contains a greater amount of nutrients within the bran, including higher levels of protein, and dietary fibre, both parboiled white and wholegrain brown rice are nutritious options that will benefit everyone at the table.

When it comes to rice, you really can’t go wrong – every choice is a good one. Now, check out our recipes for cooking these different types of rice.