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White Rice: Quick and Nutritious

As one of the world’s staple foods, rice is enjoyed by millions of people every day. While there are many varieties, white rice seems to be the most common – people around the globe love its taste, versatility, and ease of preparation. But these aren’t the only benefits white rice has to offer.

Benefits of White Rice & Parboiling

White rice naturally contains no cholesterol, no trans fats and is low in sodium .Our UNCLE BEN’S® Converted Brand Rice also contain essential vitamins and minerals, retaining as much as 80% of the natural B-complex vitamins. The nutritious secret lies in UNCLE BEN’S® unique “parboiling” procedure, which keeps the nutrients packed into the grains throughout the harvesting process and delivers them straight to your table. You might see the phrase “converted rice” or “parboiled rice” on some of our packaging – that means the white rice has retained even more nutritional value than typical harvesting processes.

Balanced Meals

Another benefit of including rice in your dining plans is the better overall quality of these dishes. Meals made with rice tend to include a protein and a vegetable, ensuring good balance. (link to Food Guide).

White rice feeds nearly half the world*, and chances are you have your own go-to rice dishes. Discover some new favourites with our recipes for cooking with white rice.


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