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Jasmine Rice: Eat Well, Feel Well

In Southeast Asia, rice is more than a food – it’s a way of life. Countless varieties compete for the prestigious title of the region’s best rice, but only one is known worldwide for its perfect balance of taste and texture: jasmine rice.

How Jasmine Rice Gets Its Unique Taste

Originating from Thailand, jasmine rice is a long, sticky variety of rice with a flavour that is slightly sweet and a subtle, buttery scent. This rice is actually named after the jasmine flower, which shares its lovely, pure white appearance. The taste and aroma of jasmine rice is integral to its value, and many Thai people will go to great lengths to buy rice from the most recent harvest, so that they may enjoy its particular fragrance.


How to Prepare Jasmine Rice

As with many varieties of rice that originate from Asia, the grains are somewhat sticky when cooked, though not as much as the varieties used in sushi and other such popular dishes. When cooking some brands of jasmine rice, it’s important to remember to rinse the rice several times before cooking it. This removes dust and excess starch from the grains, allowing the rice to cook as cleanly and easily as possible. However, you never have to worry about washing Uncle Ben’s® rice, all you need to do is cook and enjoy!
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