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Quinoa 101

It’s the food everyone is talking about (even though some of us still can’t pronounce it). What’s the deal with quinoa, anyway? Here are some quinoa facts that are sure to make you a fan of the food once described as the “mother of all grains.”

Where Quinoa Comes From

Quinoa is a grain that comes from the mountainous Andean region of South America, where locals have been enjoying its properties for thousands of years. Small, round, and packed with nutritious benefits, these little balls of flavour are revolutionizing the way we eat.


Nutritious Benefits of Quinoa

Numerous wholesome benefits are packed into these seeds. Like rice, quinoa contains many important vitamins and minerals; it also has higher levels of protein. Quinoa is a whole grain, and whole grains are essential components of any diet. As a whole grain, quinoa is sold in its original form, without any of its naturally-occurring nutrients stripped away. A single cup of quinoa can help you reach our daily recommended servings of wholegrains.
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Preparation of Quinoa

Quinoa is easy to prepare. It is cooked in much the same manner as rice, and similarly used on the table, where it complements proteins, vegetables, and all other manner of foods. Quinoa can also be used in dishes where rice is less common, such as salads or casseroles. Don’t forget to clean your quinoa before cooking it – the seeds come with a bitter-tasting outer coating that is easily removed with a quick rinse. However, with UNCLE BEN’S® Rice and Grains products, there is no washing required!

With a mild, nutty taste and a smooth tender texture, quinoa is a wonderful ingredient in any dish. It’s time to get creative with your meals; with quinoa, the possibilities are endless. Shake it up – give our latest quinoa and grain recipes a try with new Rice & Grains line-up.