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Naturally Gluten-Free Rice

Gluten is a huge topic of discussion in health circles today – it’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips. Gluten sensitivity is affecting more and more people, and consumers are on the hunt for alternatives. Many gluten-containing products, like ordinary bread or pasta, are used as the basis for an entire meal, and their impact can be hard to replace. If you’re one of the many people looking for a gluten-free alternative, look no further than rice.

Naturally Gluten Free

Rice is naturally gluten-free. Rice is also a perfect substitution due to its taste and texture; most varieties of rice have a subtle taste that picks up the flavours of the ingredients around it. What’s more, rice is an incredibly versatile food choice – it can be featured in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it a basis for all kinds of meals. No need for limitations – rice opens up a world of possibilities.


Our Gluten-Free Products

Many of Uncle Ben’s products are naturally gluten-free; including our CONVERTED® Brand Rice, Wholegrain Brown Rice, and QUICK COOK PERFECTION™ Rice. These choices provide all the taste and benefits of a meal with grains, without any of the gluten.

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