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Parboiled Long Grain Rice: A Classic

When Canadians think of rice, the long grain variety is often the first that comes to mind. Southern long grain rice – a tried and true classic – was the first variety ever used by the makers of UNCLE BEN’S®, and it is still a flagship product today.


Benefits of Parboiled Long Grain Rice

The makers of UNCLE BEN’S® rice use a special processing method that helps rice retain its natural goodness. Before removing the outer hull and bran, UNCLE BEN’S® CONVERTED® and Wholegrain brown rice is parboiled, using water, heat and a vacuum to drive nutrients from the bran into the center of the grain, before the rice is milled. Without this process, the nutrients would be lost during the milling process.
This process helps retain as much as 80% of the natural B-complex vitamins—more than you’ll find in ordinary white rice. Parboiling this long and slender rice also keeps the grains from sticking together when cooked, making a simple meal even simpler to prepare.

With all these wholesome benefits, there’s no reason not to include some long grain rice in your next meal. Join the millions who enjoy this rice as part of a balanced meal. Try our long grain rice recipes today.