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Basmati, The King of Rice

There’s an Indian saying about rice: grains should be like two brothers – close, but not stuck together. This is best reflected in basmati rice, the most highly prized variety of all Indian rice.

Where Basmati Rice Comes From (and Why it is So Desirable)

Basmati rice primarily grows in the northern Punjab region of India and Pakistan, amidst pure blue lakes and breathtaking mountains. Light and fragrant, this grain is one of the most desirable varieties worldwide, renowned for its pleasing taste and aroma. Unlike many other kinds of rice, most basmati rice is aged for at least one year before sale. This produces rice that tastes better, cooks easily, and looks beautiful as part of any dish.


Preparing and Serving Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, like many other varieties found in Asia, tends to be a little bit stickier when cooked than the classic American long grain rice (though it is less sticky than jasmine rice). The grain itself stretches out to three times its original length when cooked, producing a beautiful, tender rice that can be used as a basis for any meal.

Millions of rice eaters swear by it, and millions more are getting on board – try one of our recipes tonight and find out why basmati is the king of rice.